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We now have streaming video on READS that you can download for free with your library card!

readsTo log on to READS, you will need to enter your entire library card number (14 characters/digits total). For cards ending with 13 characters, include 1 space after the last digit.

For help on accessing READS and Overdrive (including compatible devices), click on the following link below: More Info

For a how to video on using READS and Overdrive with your library card. More Info.

Community Calendar

View the goings-on in the community. View our events calendar.

Community Room Calendar

Keep abreast of what’s happening at the library. View Our Community Room Calendar

Download  the Community Room Application and Community Room policy


Tennessee has made a commitment to promoting good health in children from birth until age 21. It’s called the TENNderCARE program. More Information 

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