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Here are some informative sites for children, teens, and parents to try.  Just click on the link to go to the site

Homework/Project Help

Kids Know It

Preschool coloring western pages

Preschool education: Western Arts & Crafts


The Arts (Arts)

Beach and Ocean

Preschool Education


Computer help:

Countries of the World

World Country Fact Sheets:

Kid Info

National Geographic Kids


SunWise Kids (UV Protection):


DLTK Crafts for Kids: Farm Animal Activities:

KidZone: Farm Theme: Moozie the Cow Coloring and Activity pages:

Step by Step Childcare: Farm Theme:

The Teaching Heart.netThe Teaching Farm:

Foreign Languages

Translations and Phrases:

Best Language Websites


U.S. and World Geography:

Health & Safety

KidsHealth for Kids: Autism:

Bam! Body and Mind

Kids Health




Laura Ingalls Wilder: Author

Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home and Museum:

Walnut Grove, Minnesota:

The Official Site of Little House on the Prairie:


All mathematical/algebraic areas:


U.S. Treasury for Kids

Pets/Pet Care (Animals)

Political Science/U.S. Government

FirstGov for Kids
U.S. Government Web Sites for Kids: Government web sites for kids, arranged in subject, alphabetical, and agency order.


Holy Lands: Explore the routes and places (chronicled in Exodus) visited by the Israelites in the Sinai Peninsula. Users can also click on the Oasis of Feiran, St. Catherine Monastery, and Mt. Sinai to gain additional information.

The Israel Museum: Archaeological, ethnographic, and art collections are housed at the Israel Museum Jerusalem. Has online exhibits to learn about Judaism.

Muslims: This PBS site explores the lives of Muslims and Islam’s worldwide resurgence, and also has video clips of Muslims, interviews, frequently asked questions, and a guide.


Weird Science/Gross Facts:



Insect Identification:

Steve Spangler Science: Has online science experiments with instructions and videos:

Tennessee History : An informative site about Tennessee history, it has sections for teachers, students, and parents, along with books divided by grade level.


United States Geography

State Facts:

State Facts:

United States History

General History:

U.S. Presidents:

World History

General History:

World War I:

AuschwiKids.Govtz: Through the lens of the SS–Photo album that chronicles the life of officers at Auschwitz Nazi death camp in 1944:

World War II

World War I

Ancient Egypt Kid Connection

World History for Kids