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Discover a sweeping story of love, war, and resistance in post-World War II Vietnam in our latest #BigLibraryRead! Borrow “Twilight Territory” by Andrew X. Pham from July 11-25, no waitlists or holds, through Libby.

“With his iconic poetic prose, Andrew X. Pham gifts us an epic love story that conquers wars, horror, and human greed to offer us hope and light.” — Nguyen Phan Que Mai, author of The Mountains Sing

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TeenBookCloud is an online collection of ebooks, enhanced novels, graphic novels, videos and audio books for middle school and high school ages.  Get a free trial of this content by clicking HERE.


Do you want to be better informed about current events and the latest news headlines?  Not sure where to find reliable, unbiased information?  NewsBank Hot Topics is the place to go, whether you want to read a little more about the headlines or do in-depth research on a topic.

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NewsBank Resources

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NewsBank provides a comprehensive collection of reliable news sources covering a wide array of topics and issues.

Check out this tutorial to learn more about NewsBank research resources:

Black Life in America:

The experience and impact of African Americans as recorded by the news media.

Hispanic Life in America:

The experience and impact of Hispanic Americans as recorded by the news media, 1704 to today.

Student Research Resources for Grades 1 to 12 and a link to a Teacher worksite.


           Tennessee Newspapers

Heritage Hub:

Explore your family history with the premier collection of U.S. obituaries and death notices for in-depth genealogical research from 1704 – today. HeritageHub helps you easily identify relatives, uncover new information and potentially unknown family members. Includes deep coverage from all 50 states, hard-to-find content from the mid 1900’s, and original obituary images.

Did you know you can watch thousands of feature films, documentaries, and bingeable series for free from our library?  Get out your library card and sign up for Kanopy to get started today! Here’s how it works:

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  3. Create a Kanopy account
  4. Start watching videos!  The viewing experience on Kanopy is easier than ever with the switch from play credits to tickets.  You’ll get a set number of tickets each month and you can watch as many titles as our library’s ticket limit allows.  From a title’s details page, you will be able to easily see how many tickets are required and how long you’ll have to watch it before pressing play.

Our tutorial will help you learn how to use Kanopy:


Established in recognition of the Americans with Disabilities Act, #DisabilitiesPrideMonth is
celebrated each July to honor the stories of those living with disabilities. Join us as we explore
those stories with this collection of films on Kanopy at

Yes, Kanopy has content for kids, too!


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If you think that spice is the variety of life and love American cuisine in its many forms, AtoZ Food America is the product for you.  AtoZ Food America  contains recipes in all course categories and food culture information for six US regions, all 50 states, and 33 ethnic cuisines.  Click on the logo above to sign in to the website with your library card number. (Make sure to use library card login, not standard login.)

This quick tutorial will help you get started with Food America:

Learn World Culture Through Food

People have been connecting with other cultures through food for thousands of years. Knowledge of local food and food culture is a fun, exciting, and essential ingredient in understanding people of another country.

AtoZ World Food is a comprehensive database of recipes and food culture articles for 174 countries. Think of it as a world cookbook for 174 countries, although it’s much more.

AtoZ the USA is a large-scale encyclopedia of US state and country information. State information is arranged into 103 editorial and image datasets for each state. Topics include history, geography, demographics, education, food and recipes, government, crime, maps, media outlets, symbols, sports, and more.

The World at Your Fingertips

Maps have fascinated us for thousands of years. They help us know where we are, where we’ve been,and where we’re going. They provide a visual glimpse of our world and enhance our understanding.

Maps Online is the world’s largest collection of royalty-free, downloadable maps for schools. Students, teachers, and administrators can use our more than 60,000 maps in school reports, lesson plans, and personal research projects.


AtoZ World Culture is an online database of information about the culture, language, history, food, religion, and much more, for 175 countries.

AtoZ World Culture builds understanding about national, ethnic, and cultural diversity, preparing students to live in the global village of the 21st century. Enjoy a breadth and depth of content unmatched by any other resource.


Experience the World’s Wonders

Travel broadens our horizons, boosts our confidence, increases our ability to handle uncertainty, connects us to humanity, helps us understand ourselves, and creates memories that last a lifetime.

AtoZ World Travel is a comprehensive travel resource containing 202 Travel Guides covering 75 topics for each of 202 world cities. Topics include travel essentials, security, neighborhoods, excursions, food and restaurants, culture, language, and more.


Learn Foreign Language Vocabulary

Possessing an understanding of a foreign language is essential in today’s
globalized world. Even learning basic terms such as “hello” and “thank you” in another language is beneficial.

Lingo LITE is an image- and video-based foreign language learning tool for 260 of the most basic words and terms in 30 languages. Users may select from any of 30 interface languages.

Lingo LITE uses Associative Multimedia Learning™ to help the user associate an image with the correct foreign word without first translating it into their native language.

• Greetings      • Basic Foods      • Directions      • Emergencies      • Introductions
• Meals and Courses      • Necessary Items      • Numbers      • People      • Places
• Questions      • Transportation

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Welcome to e-books for e-kids!  The Morristown-Hamblen Library now has books that will automatically read to your children!  There are hundreds of the best children’s books in a format that helps them learn to read by highlighting the words and sounding them out.  Your children will spend hours reading and listening to books online.  Click on the graphic above to find TumbleBooks, or get the TumbleBooks app from the Apple App store or Google Play for Android.  Just select our library name and enter your library card number to sign in. Please let us know how you like the Tumblebooks resources.

New to TumbleBooks?   Here’s a quick guide to get you started:



ABCmouse has lots of fun activities, puzzles and games for learning reading and math.  Check it out by clicking on the mouse!

Free resources for Tennesseans TEL

PebbleGo is a great online research database for Tennessee’s youngest learners – Kindergarten thru 2nd/3rd Grade. It’s a fun and interactive research space with great educational content.  Tennessee students can access free research modules in Science and Social Studies through the Tennessee Electronic Library.  PebbleGo modules are available in English or Spanish and feature easy navigation, read-aloud audio, supplemental video content, games and activities. All the read aloud components are read by English and Spanish speakers to model reading fluency.


Homework help from the Tennessee Electronic Library.

Free Niche Academy courses from your library: